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Cindy's Website  
This was Cindy's website. It gives some information that was important to her, along with a lot of her favorites.
May You Always Know...  
This is a poem that was written by Cindy that her dad sent to me after she passed................

May you always know you are loved
Day and night.
May you always find comfort
In midst of perilous fights.

May you rest in abundance
of peace and love.
May God cradle your fragile spirit
With His hope from Above.

When dusk falls each night
May you sleep soundly
May God whisk away your worries
And you experience life profoundly.

Each night as you lay
your head on the pillow
May God grant you blessings and rest
And you feel serene and mellow.

May your dreams come true
As the Lord prevails
May you have strength
To do the work which He entails.

May the King of Kings
Speak undeniable truth to your heart
May you always know God's love
Will supercede and you never apart.

May Jesus' love drown your worries
And his power overcome
May you never feel lonely
Or that you've come undone.

May God's Sonlight fill
every essence of your being
May you have steadfast faith
In the truths you are believing.

May the burdens on your heart
Be a witness to you
That God's glory and power
Is ever so true.

Most important of all
Will you know that on this end you are loved
Hold it in your heart
Til the angels come and take you home up above.

~Cindy Ward
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